adj. = adjective, adjectivally
art. = article ("the" is the definite article; "a" and "an" are indefinite articles)
cf. = confer with
der. = derived, derivation, derivative, derivatively
espec. = especially
i.e. = that is
fig. = figurative, figuratively
gr = A 'ZPCS WD' Superscripted Greek Concordance Prefix to a GIB Greek Manuscript Text Concordance Number, example: gr3961
hb = A 'ZPCS WD' Superscripted Hebrew Concordance Prefix to a GIB Hebrew Manuscript Text Concordance Number, example: hb7121
impl. = implied, impliedly, implication
intr. = intransitive (an exclamation which expresses emotion), intransitively
lit. = literal, literally
mean. = meaning
misc. = miscellaneous, miscellaneously
parti. = particularly ('ZPCS WD')
plur. = plural
prob. = probably, probable
prol. = prolonged, prolongation
Rom. = Roman
spec. = specific, specifically
sub. = A 'ZPCS WD' reference to sub-line(s) and/or sub-paragraph(s) within the initial line or paragraph
syn. = synonym, synonymy
tran. = transitive (expressing an action directed towards a person or thing (the direct object), transitively
vt. = verb transitive