The above [a Grecian-civilization attitude of 'moral'] introduction to: [PROVERBS 10:28 (ILB)]The Hope of The Righteous - Joy; but - The Hope of The Wicked S[HALL] P[ERISH].[ ]
I A-MAN S[HEPHERDS] [W[ATCHFULLY]] T[HE] L[ORD'S], Not As An Hireling ...

Worthless These Are Those Flavor-less Salt To The [K]ingdom of God Currently And Are So Saturated With The Ways Of The World - They Are, In Their Own Volition, Astute As They Deliberately Chose To Follow The Transgression In[to] Conventional[ized] Willful And Condoned Promotion[al[ized]] Partner[ed[ship(s)]] Sin[nature] Deeper And Deeper By Their Own free-will (G[OD] GIVEN GIFT OF IN[TRA]DEPENDENCE/IN[TER]DEPENDENCE) volition Only To More Readily Appear As 'Messengers of Light' Hoping (Preying) Upon [Y]our [C]hosen Deep Down In Your [S]pirit [A]nd [C]ompassionate Good Nature To Allow Them (Messengers Of Lucifer - THE FALLEN ONE) To Remain With [Y]ou. These FUGITIVES Hide Themselves Among The Righteous [T]imid. Existing In Essence, Being [A] [L]ife Sucking Vamp(s) (short for Vampire[ss]([e]s)), Independant [Yet Collectively] And Operate In the leeches like manner attaching to a and/or multiple and/or collected unaware[s] [H]ost[s].
[1 TIMOTHY 1:... 3-12 ... ... (ILB)]... As I besought you to remain in Ephesus, separated into Macedonia, that you might enjoin certain ones not to instruct in other doctrines, nor attend to myths and to genealogies endless, which doubts provide rather than a stewardship of God in faith. the Now end of The Commandment is Love out of a clean heart and a conscious good and faith unpretended, which some missing the mark turned aside to empty talking, to be inclined to be instructors of Law, not understanding either what they say, or, about which things they in voice affirm. we know And that good the Law, if anyone it Lawfully uses, knowing this, that for a Just One Law not is laid down, for Lawless but and for insubordinate, for ungodly and sinful ones, for unholy and profane ones, for father-slayers and mother-slayers, for men-slayers, for fornicators, for sodomites, for men-stealers, for liars, for perjurers, and if any other thing the sound instruction opposes, according to the Gospel of the Glory of The Blessed God, which was Entrusted I. And thanks I have to The Empowering me, Christ Jesus The Lord of us, because Faithful me He Counted, Putting Into Ministry, ...[ ]

23AV5778 (04AUG2018): Meanwhile back at The Camp ... [H]eard the 'Play Catch Up' False Teaching/Instructing spewing (again) From (and/or - Formed) of a modern day "Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America"* (Who Saiths) Church Participants. Just plain out hucksterism of one (Partnership (not FELLOWSHIP)) "to promote by showmanship <a store where cheap stuff is ballyhooed and huckstered into seeming richness - C.W. Dreppard>".
*Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America: (note the specific use in wording: division) circa (name) 1946 A.D ...
(i.e., control over Denomination(s)).

[T]hroughoutwith U[NCTION OF] T[HE] H[OLY] S[PIRIT] ...
... Not Human Beings in Division ... Slothful Sots Leading [T]he[ir] Way
... ... JESSE([Self-proclaimed] T[HE] L[ORD'S] Counselor) DUPLANTIS ... ...




[... PSALM ... 81:... 15-16 ... ...][ ]
[Y]ou are [E]gypt

Lion of Judah Ten Most Wanted Fugitive josteen PostercolumnLion of Judah Ten Most Wanted Fugitive rzacharias PostercolumnLion of Judah Ten Most Wanted Fugitive fpricesr PostercolumnLion of Judah Ten Most Wanted Fugitive PostercolumnLion of Judah Ten Most Wanted Fugitive rhbrowne Poster

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Look Also To JEREMIAH 23:9-40 And/Or EZEKIEL 13:1-23.

[... II TIMOTHY ... 4:... 3-5 ... ... (AKJV)]... For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry. ...[ ]



[Y]ou are [E]gypt
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Look Also To JEREMIAH 23:9-40 And/Or EZEKIEL 13:1-23.

[... II PETER ... 2:... 16 ... ... (AKJV)]... For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of his majesty. ...[ ]


[THE SALUTATION AND PURPOSE, 1-4]Jude, of Jesus Christ, a slave, brother of James, to those in God Father having been set apart, and by Jesus Christ having been kept, called: Mercy to [Y]ou and [P]eace and [L]ove be [M]ultiplied. Beloved, all diligence making to write to [Y]ou, about common [S]alvation, necessity I had to write to [Y]ou, exhorting to earnestly to contend for the once delivered to the [S]aints [F]aith. crept in For certain men, those of old having been previously written into this [J]udgment, ungodly ones, the of the God of [U]s [G]race, perverting for unbridled lust, and the only Master God, and L[ORD] of [U]s, Jesus Christ denying. [EXPOSURE OF THE FALSE TEACHERS, 5-16; Their Doom, 5-7]to remind But [Y]ou I intend, knowing [Y]ou once these things, that the L[ORD], people out of Egypt having saved, in the second place those not believing H[E] destroyed; Messengers and those not having kept the of [T]hemselves [F]irst [P]lace, but having - deserted the [O]wn [D]welling-place, for [J]udgment of a [G]reat Day in - [C]hains [E]ternal under blackness H[E] has [K]ept; as Sodom and Gomorrah and the around them cities, in the similar to these manner committing fornication and going away after flesh other, [L]aid beforetimes an example of [F]ire [E]verlasting [V]engeance undergoing. [EXPOSURE OF THE FALSE TEACHERS, 5-16; Their Denunciation, 8-10]Likewise indeed also these being given over to sensual dreamings in imagination so as to flesh even defile; lordship and despise; glories and speak evil of. But Michael - the A[LTAR] [A]rchMessenger - when with the Devil contending, [H]e [A]rgued about the of Moses [B]ody, not [H]e dared a judgment to bring of blasphemy, but said: 'Let [R]ebuke you H[E THE] L[ORD].'. [T]hese But what [T]hings not they [K]now, they speak evil of; what things and naturally - as the without reason beasts - they understand, by these they are corrupted. [EXPOSURE OF THE FALSE TEACHERS, 5-16; Their Description, 11-16]Woe to them, because in the way of Cain they went, and, to the error of Balaam reward gave themselves, and in the ga-


ansaying of Korah perished! These are in the [L]ove [F]easts of [Y]ou: 'Rocky reefs - feasting together with [Y]ou, without fear themselves feeding; clouds waterless by winds having been carried about; trees autumn without fruit, twice dying having been uprooted; waves wild of sea foaming up the of themselves shames; stars wandering, for whom blackness of darkness to the age has been kept.'. prophesied And also to these [S]eventh [F]rom Adam - Enoch - saying: 'Behold came the L[ORD] with [M]yriads; [S]aints of H[IM], to do [J]udgment against all, and to [R]ebuke all the ungodly of them concerning all the works ungodly of them which they ungodly did, and about all the hard things which spoke against H[IM] sinners ungodly.'. These are murmurers, complainers, according to the lusts of them following and the mouth of them speaks proud things, admiring faces gain for the sake of. [EXORTATIONS TO BELIEVERS, 17-23][Y]ou But, [B]eloved remember the words spoken before by the [A]postles of the L[ORD] of [U]s, Jesus Christ, because [T]hey told [Y]ou that at last time will be mockers according to the of themselves lusts following the ungodly. These are they dividing apart themselves, beast-like, Spirit not having. [Y]ou But, [B]eloved by the [M]ost [H]oly of [Y]ou [F]aith building up [Y]ourselves in Spirit Holy praying, [Y]ourselves in [L]ove of God keep, eagerly awaiting the [M]ercy of the L[ORD] of [U]s, Jesus Christ to [L]ife-everlasting. And some [T]ruly pity - making distinction; others but with [R]everence [S]ave - out of the fire [S]natching, having even the from the flesh stained garment. [THE BENEDICTION, 24-25]to H[IM] Now [B]eing [A]ble to [K]eep [Y]ou without stumbling, and to [S[ET]] before the [G]lory of H[IM] without blemish with exultation, to only [W]ise God Savior of [U]s, [G]lory and [G]reatness, [M]ight and [M]ajesty, even now and to all the ages. [In [On] The Name[sake] of CHRIST Jesus, the High Priest of Melchizedek - For[e]ever and ever,] Amen. (JUDE [1:]1-25 (ILB)) ([I A-MAN])

A Prudent Man Professing and/or Preaching CHRIST Jesus's Good News 'Knows His Scriptures Holy' (Yeshua/Jesus From[of[in]] GENESIS through REVELATION) Front To Back Discerning The WAYS OF THE WILL OF GOD And Does Not PREYINGLY Play [C]hurch [L]eader. A Prudent Man Knows [H[IS]] [D[ISTINCT]] [I[MPARTED]] [L[IMITATIONS] AND] [B[OUNDARY[IES]] [S[ET]] And Steps Forth Providing To Any And All Whosoever In The I[MPARTED] G[UIDANCE] Of The Spirit Holy of G[OD] Instructing And Providing Guidance Recieved Of [[H[IS]] "[S[CRIPTURE] [H[OLY]]]]" (Yeshua/Jesus From[of[in]] GENESIS through REVELATION) Front To Back Providing I[MPARTION(S)] To Discerning (if not: Discernment Of) The WAYS OF THE WILL OF GOD Providing The E[XAMPLE], In Circumferential Stance, Of Jesus the Nazarene Up To Through H[IS] E[ARTHLY M[INISTRY] To H[IS] G[IVING] U[P] (not Having H[IS] S[PIRIT taken) H[IS] S[PIRIT] I[N] L[OVE] F[OR] T[HE] [U[S] H[AVING] B[EEN] I[N] T[HE]] W[ORLD] (A P[ART] F[ROM] O[F] T[HE] E[ARTH]) On The Roman Crucifix And After H[IS] R[ESURRECTION] And T[HEN] C[OMMUNING] W[ITH] And/Or A[PPEARING] T[O] O[THERS] And T[HEN] G[LORIFIED] I[N] A[CENSION] TO THE FATHER ABOVE BEING THEN SET TO THE RIGHT HAND OF THE FATHER ONINWITHTOFOR HEAVENS MERCY SEAT AND ASKING THE FATHER TO COMMAND THAT HIS HOLY SPIRIT BE SENTGIVEN TO ALL WHOSOEVER WILL AND WOULD BE OBEDIENT IN BELEIVING IN[ON] H[IM] IN H[IS], OBEDIENT TO THE FATHER - EVEN UNTO DEATH, NAME[SAKE] - THE NAME OF HIS CHRIST Y[ESHUA].

In Saying The Obvious, of *IRS CODE 501(c)(3) Ministry(ies) (i.e., government sanctioned/secured/controlled/etcs. unGodly Ministry(ies)) and **ECFA Member(s)/Participant(s), Least - They Are [Re]Tarded, Appearing In True Revealing To [Y]our Detriment(s) And Also True Identity [Potential Lost], Notwithstanding - Of The Previously Having Departed This World [T]rusting Them [T]hey [N]ot [K]nowing (Being Hoodwinked Unsuspectingly By) Them For Who Truly They Were And Are.

*IRS CODE 501(c)(3) Ministry(ies), and, **ECFA Member(s)/Participant(s): TRADITIONS OF MEN that make void the W[ILL OF] G[OD] by placing trust in the arm of flesh ... U[NDERSTAND] MATTHEW 17:24-27, 18:1-6[,7-14][,15-20], 24:[1-41,]42-25:13[,14-30,][31-46]; LUKE 17:[20-25,]26-27[,28-37], 18:[1-5,]6-8[,9-14][,15-30]. MATTHEW 17:[1-16,]17[,18-21]; MARK 9:[2-18,]19[,20-29]; LUKE 9:[18-40,]41[,42-50]. Not Do you Even [K]nowledgeably [U]nderstand who you are in the [C]onstitution of [T]he [L[AND]] (as you 'lip-service' profess of Me) you are resident in ... How Can you rebellious even perceptively begin to understand The Dominion Sovereignty Of T[HE] F[ATHER] (You Are So Secret An SECRET AGENT In That You Do Not even know how Secret Of An SECRET AGENT You Are).

... Somelike-in-kin[d] Ponderance(s) (Not All, just Too Many - So The Notorious of, "'the babbling Falsely Teaching/Instructing confused of' and/or 'the lacking of enthusiasm learn (to lazy to feed themselves) for themselves and therefore spew telling fables Falsely Teaching/Instructing of' and/or 'Just Outright Falsely Teaching/Instructing Doctrine(s) Aside of' THE TRUTH" Forthcoming Are Listed Here, But, All Listed Are DEMONStrative Self-Salvationists (It Is All The[IR] FATHER TAUGHT THEM - AND WELL HE INSTRUCTED THEM THE WAY OF THE SIN-NATURED WORLD) - Otherwise Why Did They Not Preach (SOME HAVE AND WILL CONTINUE THE Boast The[IR] Pulpit Tenure In Excess Of Three Decade[ENCE]s (A SHAME TO THEM-SELVES First)) To Evangelize The Residental Local Communities From [Apostastcal] Decay Instead Of Going Around The Globe First. They Are Out For Personal Gain And Adulation(s) From you To Themselves. They Were/Are/Going Out Not To Glorify THE FATHER, THE SON, THE HOLY SPIRIT, AND THE BODY OF CHRIST) - => ***WARNING Not For Faint of Heart*** EXPLICIT LANGUAGE URL LINK (Idiocracy Excerpts on YouTube) ***WARNING Not For Faint of Heart*** => These Following Listed (And Posted Above(s)) Are The "'fathers' of the Idiocracy church congregation(s)" . ... They like money (consciously driven by, and, consciously comfortable in The Spirit of Mammon) ... <= ***WARNING Not For Faint of Heart *** EXPLICIT LANGUAGE URL LINK (Idiocracy Excerpts on YouTube) ***WARNING Not For Faint of Heart *** <=

[Y]ou are [E]gypt:

JESSE([Self-proclaimed] T[HE] L[ORD'S] Counselor) DUPLANTIS,(University of Northwestern - St.Paul - Ministry Outreach (102.5 FM MADISON, WI) Steve Young,JOHNATHAN(my followers are so dumb ...) SHUTTLESWORTH,Derek Grier,MARK BARCLAY (either flat out 'a[n]-fabricating-story-teller-for-ulterior/subversive-motive(s)-other-than-TRUTH(S)' in video (one that should, and, ought not be trusted in any speaking(s) (save that which might, possibly be read [aloud], verbatim from a[n[y]] prepared readable portion/source)), or conducts-in-manner as personally claimed/spoken in video ([one that should, and, ought, (and/or 'can') not be TRUSTED at/in/by/for/etc./etc. measure] (- 01FEB2018 2:30am-3:00am, BVOVN (Dish channel 265) televising another "Mark T. Barclay" 'media-prepared-for-television-[airing]-show(ing)' conveniently appears to condone [either/or such] "Mark T. Barclay" willfully vetted wittingly or willfully vetted unwittingly). JUDGMENT BEGINS AT THE PULPIT.) ... IF Desired MARK - CONTINUE TO Be Snively,Jimmy Evans,Billy Kroeze,Allan Bagg,Creflo Dollar,mark(tele-prompted) batterson,DAYNA MULDOON,Keith (Live Your Faith (with a door Mat[t]))Butler,Gary Clarke,Sarah Pearsons,Mike Vaughn,Billye Brim,MYLON LE FERVE,Joseph Prince,GABRIEL SWAGGART,WAYNE JACKSON,Dharius(typical 'uninvited luciferian anti-christ jesus preacher') Daniels,Mike Murdock,KATIE SOUZA,Andy Stanley,RODNEY PARSLEY,MARCUS LAMB,Jerry Savelle,Dale Bronner,WILLIAM PAUL YOUNG,MATTHEW CROUCH,CURT LANDRY,Andrew Wommack,Max Lucado,Mac Hammond,JIM WOOLSEY,Terry Meeuwsen,Scott Young,Gloria Copeland,CHRISTI LE FERVE,JEWEL TANKARD,Ira Hillard,George Pearsons,IRA COMBS,DAVID JEREMIAH,Beth Moore,Theo Wolmarans,Terry Crist,Barbara Cerullo,Clarence Langston,Debbie Lanier,David Smith,Don Wilton,Joni Lamb,WYONA NORMAN,Eric Gonyon,Jesse Jackson,BRIAN HOUSTON,Jim Nations,Bobby Hogan,Leon Fontaine,Terri Savelle-Foy,Bob Cornell,mark chironna,David Cerullo,John Rosenstern,DONNIE SWAGGART,Rick(twisted ulterior motivated dark heart - gives Well-Groomed lip-service) Renner,Gordon Robertson,John Gray,Jentezen Franklin,GARY STEARMAN,Troy Black,Samuel Rodriquez,Jack Graham,Joyce Meyers,Paul Daughtery,Dan Betzer,Paul Lanier,Steven Furtick,Vonda Pipkin,Pat Robertson,PAULA WHITE-CAIN,RON CARPENTER,Darrell Bock,BILL SALUS,Charles Blake,Kenneth Hagin - junior,Stanley Williams,MARK BATTERSON,Dan Reeve,Jenny Roebert,Terri Pearsons,Dov Schwarz,Skip Heitzig ... 'Let [R]ebuke You('s) H[E] T[HE] L[ORD].'. UNDERSTAND THIS => => [... JOHN 1:... 12-13 ... ... (ILB)]... ... as many as But [R]eceived Him, He Gave To [T]hem Authority C[HILDREN OF] G[OD] [T]o [B]ecome, To T[HOSE] [B]elieving [I]nto The Name Of Him, [W]ho Not Of noblities, Nor Of will of flesh, Nor Of will of man, But Of G[OD] W[ERE] B[ORN]. ... ...[ ] <= <= UNDERSTAND THIS.
[Rule [Y]our [S]pirit: Proverbs Concerning Relationships With ..., PROVERBS 25:1-26:28] - With kings [25:1-7]; With neighbors [25:8-20]; With enemies [25:21-24]; With yourself [25:25-26:2]; With fools [26:3-12]; With sluggards [26:13-16]; With gossips [26:17-28].

ACTS 20:28-... .

Of Course, Naturally, "Rapture" Preachers/Believers Cove(r)t [Y]ou To Be A Participant of The Abduction And/Or Rape of [A[N[Y]]] [I]ndividual and/or [C[HURCH]]. ... [Loren Larson, John Bevere (and others):] Look to ISAIAH 5:[[1-7], [[8-19-]20[-25]], [26-30]]. ... Stay On Point! Focus!

New BRIAN HOUSTON and such-like PARTNERSHIP(S) audition[al](s): [THE INDOCTRINATION, JAMES 2:18-36] excerpt: JAMES 2:18-19 - Scriptural example: LUKE 8:... [26,]27-28[,29-39] ... ..
Generally Speaking Overview: THE GODHEAD CREATED M[AN] - [Fallen-]man Created/Creates Human Beings - YHVH PROMISES/PROVSIONS R[ECONCILIATION] TO [Fallen-]man IN T[HROUGH] HIS SON THE CHRIST (Immânûw)êl (Jesus of Nazareth). The Fallen Cherub, Lucifer, - basically,: Can Not Create Any [F[ORM IN OF]] [L[IFE]] - A Rebellious Cherub, He (Lucifer), Needed A[DAM'S] (Adam WAS CREATED A HUSBANDMAN (... A T[ILLER OF] H[IS] E[ARTH])) [Fallen-]tongue ... money, money, money - money - and TYRED Legal(ly) Tender(ed) [h]eart(ed) Human Beings are it ... ahem, in your time as you (w)allow (in) it.

There Is No Need For Them To Track The[IR] Butch[ER[ED]] Muddied Shoes, Or NAKED *Dirt[Y] Ridden Feet, THROUGH A WINDOW OF THIS HOUSE - They Can And Should And Ought Remove The[IR] Butch[ER[ED]] Muddied Shoes, Or NAKED *Dirt[Y] Ridden Feet, outside OFF THIS FLOOR OF THIS HOUSE. The Only Other Choice Available To Them Is To Never enter HERE UPON [T]hrough THE DOOR With Those Shoes, Or Feet [E]ver [A]gain. *Dirt[Y]: See JUDGES 3:... 22 ...; PSALM 18:... 42 ...; ISAIAH 57:... 20 ... . not Do fool (New BRIAN HOUSTON and such-like PARTNERSHIP(S) audition[al](s)) continuing Yourselves Believing [R]ight as to David's [P]rotection [B]y Ahimelech (Ahijah of 1 SAMUEL 14:3) (1 SAMUEL 21:1-9).

Ahab's And Jezebel's The Lot Of Them All Against 'A[n[y]]' Naboth ... Up Until Now THE ABODES OF THE D[IVINE] Suffer VIOLENCE - The Violent Take I[T] By Force ... . I KINGS 21:1-22:40 AND II KINGS 9:1-37

  [... ISAIAH ... 55:... 8-9 ... ... (ILB)]... For not MY THOUGHTS your reasonings; and not your doings MY WAYS, states YHWH, for are HIGH THE HEAVENS from the earth, so are High MY WAYS from your doings, and, MY THOUGHTS from your reasonings. ...[ ].
  WHO Makes you Believe you Can Think A[N[Y]] THOUGHT WHICH HAS BEEN IMPARTED FROM ME TO you? ...THAT WHICH you So Readily Pervert Arrogantly...
DANIEL 4:... 33 ...

  Why do you('s) not [R]epentedly [C]ome [P]rofessingly and [C]onfessingly [C]lean (in stead of the DAMNING Deliberate Inveigling Sotie(s))?

In Comparison to Idols, ISAIAH 41:1-29 [excerpt from: The Final Restoration of Israel - ISAIAH 41:1 (ILB)]Be quiet before Me, O coasts; and peoples shall renew their power. They come near, then they speak; together for judgment let us draw near.[ ];
In the above ISAIAH 41:1: T[HE] L[ORD] Imparts Four Words "Be quiet before Me" and Those in rebellion (although They in contempt are Subject To T[HE] L[ORD'S] Imparts) Submit (Hatefully, Having No Choice). IN The[IR] rebelliousness They, IN Craftiness, Employ another form of communication (sottishly believing T[HE] L[ORD] can be had). This other form of communication is in the use of occult (meaning: hidden) communication(s) in lieu of speaking The[IR] rebellious actual intent With[IN] The[IR] Heart(s): occult hand gestures, and/or, satanic hand symbols, and/or, satanic hand signs.
Yes (speaking of: 'in subtle manifestation to one of T[HE] L[ORD'S] flock (withstanding A Cast Assembly of Like-IN-Kind's only)), False Preacher(s)/Teacher(s)/Speaker(s)/...Et Cetera(s) remain silent before the flock ([T]hose [T]hat [S]eek [T]o [D]raw [N]ear [T]o T[HE] L[ORD]) in buildings (and such so forth) that are common[ly] deemed 'christian house(s)/congregation(s) of worship' about The[IR] True Anti-C[HRIST] Heart(s) And Intent[ion](s) (which is conveyed silently before the flock to The[IR] Like-IN-Kind that are, or - may be, present amongst the flock. ... the Perverted get a Rise from just about anything Immature[ly] Accomplished IN The[IR] sotted STATE). [W[ATCH]] [T[HEREFORE]] the [pronounced] deliberate (not unconscious) hand spell[ing[s]] of [T]he [P]ulpit(s). Be [A]ware of 'who' is your minister[ing] agent - from Above or Below. ... as the world says: "chance favors the prepared mind"... when watching for example the "lanier's", the "osteen's", "kenneth copeland", etc., etc. ... (they sound good but ...). If someone has your attention(s) or you give someone your attention(s) - let it be undivided attention(s) in intently listening to fully grasp the information being conveyed ... caveat emptor the one that speaks with hands when the tongue is the only needed - unless you are hearing impaired (deaf - for instance). ... people only hear what they want to hear and there are those that will tell you exactly what you want hear - just like ron carpenter ... They like money ... most especially - yours ([A]bove The[IR's]).

... there is for amongst Practic[ed(/[ing])] Stealer(s) (& Slayer(s) & Destroyers) no HONOUR ... Cease your Act[ivities], and, COME HOME [C]hild.
... There is distinguishing between a 'Tyred Business (unCalled human beings pretending to be knowledgeable and understanding of the Scriptures Holy for the underlying motive to make a[n] easy [commercially contracted partnered] living from unsuspecting, and/or innocent, prey that hunger[ed but no longer (- having been fed perverseness that tickles the ear)] and search[ed but no longer (- having been tickled [in]to death)] for THE TRUTH) for Mammon' and 'The ANOINTED PREACHING HONOUR' ... There are many desiring an easy life here on earth about in the world and they are those that prey upon the unsuspecting, and/or innocent, do constitution themselves to a extremely hot reTyrement upon leaving this physical existence (take a[n inductive] flashlight - ohhh, that's right - came into the world with nothing and you leave with nothing ... in that case you's had best stop and vacate or suffer the abysmal) ... ask Rapture Ready Kenneth Copeland (or ANY OTHER Rapture Ready Spewer) about illicit kingdom lots of [prey] money.
[B]less The LORD [T]hrough HIS SON, CHRIST Jesus, for Worthy Is The Lamb that was slain to Receive Power and Riches and Wisdom and Might and Honor and Glory and Blessing and [T]o H[IM] WHO SITS ON THE T[HRONE], [A]nd [T]o The Lamb, [B]lessing and [H]onor and [G]lory and [D]ominion FOREEVER AND EVER. ([Amen.]) I A-MAN..
PROVERBS 20:27-28.
of Cheer Go[o]d [B]e.

The LORD through HIS SON, CHRIST Jesus, Love You Always In 'THE LESSON', Pray You With[In] Life - of God.
... G[OD] IS NOT A covenant partnership to any one - Especially theo wolmarans - G[OD] DESIRE(S)/HAS COVENANT FELLOWSHIP(S).

  [... II CORINTHIANS ... 10:... 11-18 ... ... (AKJV)]... Let such an one think this, that, such as we are in word by letters when we are absent, such will we be also in deed when we are present. For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise. But we will not boast of things without our measure, but according to the measure of the rule which God hath distributed to us, a measure to reach even unto you. For we stretch not ourselves beyond our measure, as though we reached not unto you: for we are come as far as to you also in preaching the gospel of Christ: Not boasting of things, without our measure, that is, of other men's labours; but having hope, when your faith is increased, that we shall be enlarged by you according to our rule abundantly, To preach the gospel in the regions beyond you, and not to boast in another man's line of things made ready to our hand. But he that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord. For not he that commendeth himself is approved, but whom the Lord commendeth. ...[ ]
  The LORD through HIS SON, CHRIST Jesus, Love You Always In 'GRACE AND GLORY O[F] G[OD]', Pray You Bywith[In] G[OD] - T[HE] F[ATHER].